8.5 Inch 350W Adult Kick Electric Scooter Two Wheel Folding Smart

8.5 Inch 350W Kick Scooter Electric Two Wheel Adult Electric Scooter Folding Smart Electric Longboard Patinete Electrico Adulto



Certificates: CE, FCC & RoHS
Dimensions: 1060*430*1100 mm
IP protection: IP54
Body material: Aluminium
Power: 350 W
Official warranty: 1 years
Coating: 8.5, Tubeless
Front lighting :Yes
Wheel lighting: Yes
Battery life: 20-25 km
Back LED lighting: Yes
Battery: Li-ion 36 V // 7.5 Ah
Pedal height 10 cm
Max weight: 120 kg
Charging time: 3 ~ 4 hours
Weight: 13.2 kg
Shock: Extreme-Rail
Max speed: 25 km / h
Brake: single disc brake plus electronic brake



-E9D incorporates an LCD Display with which you can check the speed and battery level at any time.
-Take it with you wherever you go, you can easily fold it and carry it. It's Slim, its light, it's the perfect travel companion!
-Thanks to its autonomy that reaches up to 25 kilometres * and its speed of 25 km / h, you can travel great distances without having to stop to recharge the battery.
-Its high-quality aluminium axle, together with its excellent adjustable rear cushioning system, its disc brakes and its 8.5 ” wheels make driving this electric scooter an unimaginable experience.
-Do not limit yourself to using it only during the day, take advantage of its intelligent lighting system equipped with a powerful front LED light, in addition to that of the brake, which remains constantly on once the brake is activated, to warn those around you of your presence, ensuring safe use.
-And thats not all! It is equipped with side LED lights that give a distinct touch to your R9 EXTRA d and ensure comfortable and safe driving at any time of the day.
-Make our Electric Scooter your own and turn it into the ideal complement to combine it with public transport. E9D is designed as an urban scooter, we suggest travelling on sections of 4 or 6 km for each journey to optimize its autonomy.



* Important: The range of autonomy depends on several factors, such as the weight of the user, the speed, the type of flooring or the slope.
* For the correct inflation of the Tubelles wheels, a compressor will be required.





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