New Projector Screen 120 Inch For Home Theater Outdoor HD White Foldable

60/72/84/100/120/150-inch Projector Screen For Home Theatre Outdoor HD Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projection Films Screen


Start A New Way Of Entertainment.

Start A New Way Of Entertainment.

Do you want to watch films with a bigger screen at home?

Do you want to watch football games, basketball games or other sport games with your friends in your own garden?

Do you want to display your unique opinions or data in the public with a brighter screen?

OR ARE U STILL displaying on the white wall? Wasting time on setting the projector screen?


Never Miss OUR HIGH-Quality Projector Screen, It will be your projector’s best friend, start a new way of entertainment. 60/72/84/100/120/150-inch HD 16:9 EXCELLENT Film Screen made from natural polyester fabric. You will never believe that such a little package will turn into a projection screen, lights weight, and portable, you can fold it in small size and take it wherever you want!

“Wrinkles, Please Go Away!” You don’t need to worry about wrinkles or creases caused by screen folding. Just hang it indoors or outdoors, invite your families or your friends, sharing your joyful time with each other. Projector film screen is brighter than most other projection screens, smooth surface enhances image results. We hope that our high contrast screen and anti-crease material will make everything easier. If there’s dust on it, clean it with a wet cloth is recommended


WORK On Most Situations, Display all you want, just do it! Displaying movie, sport games, photos, music video, games, etc, it make your life more fun! Or you can present your company graphics and data on the office, sharing your photos on your proposal marriage. It could be used as professionally, romantically, practically, just depends on what you need


Super Easy Installed Projector Screen, You will be able to unfold the screen and mount it in literally minutes, can be hung on a wall using hooks (included on package). The screen is suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Material: Polyester fibre 

Main colour: White 

Format: 16:9 HD 

Size: 60/72/84/100/120/150 inch 

Support: 160 viewing angle  

Package Included:

1X Pack Hooks, 

1X Projector screen