PU leather 3/2 Seater Sofa with 2 Recliner for Home Office Furniture


This sofa with 3/2 individual cushioned seats in one sofa for full chaise seating.It has 2 recline.Perfect for living room,meeting room ,hotel,bedroom,office and other place.

Upholstered in quality smooth PU leather for wear and water resistance for easy cleaning and maintenance

Soft padding throughout with added double cushion support for the neck, back and arms.

Smooth Recline System: Built-in latches on either side allow for smooth backward recline for adjustment at any angle up to 160 degrees

Outfitted with soft foam cushioning throughout, get comfortable with the dimpled back cushions and double padding on key pressure points where support matters most: head, arms and a spring reinforced bottom area for unmatched comfort. 

Built with a quality tested steel frame, have substantial support and stability you can rely on to smoothly and securely transition your sofa from sitting straight to reclining.


Dimensions of 3 Seater: W191 x D96 x H98cm / W75.2 x D37.8 x H38.6 inches 

Dimensions of 2 Seater: W139 x D96 x H98cm / W54.7 x D37.8 x H38.6 inches

Seat height: 50cm / 19.7 inches

Seat width: 147cm / 57.9 inches

Seat depth: 54cm / 21.3 inches

Size after tilt of 3 Seater: W191 x D161 x H85.5cm / W75.2 x D63.4 x H38.6 inches

Size after tilt of 2 Seater: W139 x D96 x H98cm / W54.7 x D37.8 x H38.6 inches

Weight of 3 Seater: 85kg / 187.4 lbs

Weight of 2 Seater: 74kg / 163 lbs 

Color: Black

Material: PU Leather、spring & sponge 

Load-bearing:up to 150kg / 330 lbs


Please note that 2 seater sofa has 2 recline; 3 seater sofa has 2 recline;5 seater sofa has 4 recline.